[OM] Re: An unfortunate event.

Subject: [OM] Re: An unfortunate event.
From: "Bob Docherty" <lostkase@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 16:46:37 +0000
Sorry for your loss. When me E-500 was stolen I hoped they'd have been stupid 
enough to show up at the local used camera shop I frequent to try and fence it. 
The owner asked me "Do you want the camera back or their testicles on a 
plate?". I opted for the camera if it had shown up. I believe he'd just add the 
other parts to his "private" collection :)I pray that there is a special place 
in Hell for camera thieves, so I can find them easily when I get there :)

-------------- Original message from Patrick Moore <paddy@xxxxxxxx>: 

> Hi all, 
> A few weeks ago my camera kit was stolen in a burglary from my girlfriend's 
> house. I'm still waiting for the insurance to come back to see how much of 
> a budget I have to play with but as all the lenses and the camera body were 
> lost I have the unusual "opertunity" (what an egregious word, but hey. :) ) 
> to replace my K10Dî?? and Pentax based system with something of a perhaps 
> different make. Though a K20D is looking pleasent at the moment if the 
> insurers will cover that. 

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