Re: [OM] ( OM ) Filters for digital

Subject: Re: [OM] ( OM ) Filters for digital
From: Dawid Loubser <dawidl@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 18:04:07 +0200
Of course you're not seeing it in your own stuff, you're using a 5D ;-)

Seeing as this is an Olympus-themed mailing list, go push the shadows
of an E-510 or an E-3 to anywhere near the same amount, and you'll
see what I mean...

Although I must say, the cleanest shadows I have ever seen, bar none,
is the N*kon D3 / D700. In relative terms, not even any medium format
digital back that I have seen files from had shadows that clean.
Certainly, the M*miya ZD back is a piece of junk in that regard.

(sorry for the harshness, but really... It's nice and all (in absolute  
but film really still is better in terms of noise etc. in relative  
terms - IMHO)

P.S. Wh* the h*ll st*rted this habit of bl*nking out certain v*wels
when mentioning oth*r types of c*ameras? I am j*st pl*ying along.

On 19 Oct 2009, at 3:28 PM, Chuck Norcutt wrote:

> If the shadows get filled with color noise
> then I'd describe that as pushing.  I don't normally see that in my  
> own
> stuff if I'm starting from a low ISO.
> Chuck Norcutt

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