[OM] Zone-10 website stuff

Subject: [OM] Zone-10 website stuff
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2018 16:58:16 -0900
In other news...

I'm adding the esif and manual stuff to the zone-10 website. HOWEVER,
along with that, the time has come to go SSL on the website. I'll be
upgrading the hosting service to a more expensive package (not that
it's already getting up there in price) which includes SSL.

It's past due and google is definitely punishing publishers who don't
have secure websites. No ad revenue and no links. Grouse grouse
grouse. Anyway, it is what it is.

I don't know if the shift from a http to a https site will cause
existing links and shortcuts to throw fits, but this shift will
probably occur in a couple of weeks.

One of my goals is to "review" the various OM bodies and lenses and
get those indexed too. Now that my kit is, uh, rather robust, it's
time to do it.

Anyway, A thank you to the various benefactors who have supported me
and zone-10 through the years with all things Olympus. It has been my
pleasure to be able to give to this community in whatever way I can
and through hosting the zone-10 website. This support of items from
you guys has been greatly appreciated and gives my wife a little peace
whenever she sees the renewal bill from Hostgator.

On a totally related note, I've been comparing hosting companies and
have experienced HORRIBLE and TOTALLY HORRIBLE along with "Yup same
thing, different brand" and still find Hostgator to be one of the best
deals around. The site uptime has been excellent and every problem
I've had has been resolved in a timely manner (mostly). When comparing
apples to apples, the price is about the same as other discount
places. Every year, I do my due diligence and look to save a buck, but
keep staying with Hostgator. For one thing, it's important to stay out
of the aws.amazon cloud because of hacker issues. So, until that's
resolved, I'm staying away.

If any of you have a better solution than Hostgator, I'll definitely
pay attention.

Ken Norton
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