Re: [OM] I'm shooting with a Micro 4/3 Pen-F now!

Subject: Re: [OM] I'm shooting with a Micro 4/3 Pen-F now!
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2018 21:02:43 -0800
On 3/2/2018 1:03 AM, Christopher Crawford wrote:
For many years, all of my digital work was shot with large fullframe SLRs.
The Canon 5DmkII and a set of lenses for it have been my main kit for color
work for the last six years. The image quality was magnificent, and the
camera has been reliable, but I've gotten to the point where I just cannot
carry that much weight around anymore.

I'm someone who carries a camera EVERYWHERE I go, and with all of my health
problems, I needed something smaller and lighter.

I continue to hope for a miraculous recovery. But you can stay with smaller and 
lighter gear, anyway. :-)

For 35mm film, I have used the Olympus OM system since I was a kid. They
were the ideal cameras for me; tiny, light, well built, and excellent
lenses. I wanted a digital version.

As did so many of us . . .

I started thinking about Olympus again. I had always thought the M4/3
sensors were too small,

That's what everyone thought about 35 mm, in the '30s. Time and tech march on. 

but I began looking at images made with them, and
decided to try one. I bought a Pen-F and two Olympus lenses, the 17mm f1.8
(35mm) and the 45mm f1.8 (90mm).

Once I got all the settings figured out, I have been VERY impressed.

Congratulations!! A story heard over and over again from those daring enough to 
try. :-)

The images are slightly noisier than those from the Canon at the same ISO settings, but Lightroom's noise reduction eliminates it without losing detail. I think I like the tone and color reproduction better on the Olympus!

I am completely hooked on mirrorless. I can't imagine going back to (D)SLRs. I do have the original, 24 MP A7, for MF, FF lenses, including the odd and misfits, but never feel I'm giving anything away using µ4/3 for the vast majority of my photography.

I have had the camera and the two lenses for a week now, and decided I
needed a 50mm equivalent lens, too. So, I bought one! The FedEx man will be
here with it some time today.

I've not tried the 17 mm. I bracket it with 12/2 and Panny 20/1.7. The 45/1.8 is excellent, although the Panny 42.5/1.7 is a little better away from the center. As a portrait lens, that matters not.

The zooms are awfully nice, too.

Here's a few snapshots I have done to test out the camera and the 17mm and
45mm lenses:


Nice! But nothing you couldn't have done with many cameras. :-)

Keep having fun!

M. F. T. Moose

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