Re: [OM] Converters - The Conclusion for Now

Subject: Re: [OM] Converters - The Conclusion for Now
From: Christopher Crawford <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2018 15:25:10 -0400

The Canon profiles are still there. Next to the profile pull-down menu is
a button made of four small rectangles. Click it, and a whole long list of
other profiles appears. They’re in groups: Favorites, Adobe Profiles,
Camera Profiles, B&W, Modern, and Vintage.

I agree that the RAW conversions are improved with this new version of
Lightroom CC Classic. I’ve been especially pleased with B&W conversions.
This is the first version of Lightroom I have been able to do B&W
conversions, without third-party plugins, that equal those from plugins
like Silver Efex.

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>I figured that I better give an update...
>A couple days ago, Adobe updated Lighroom and ACR with a new
>conversion engine. While the biggest user-interface improvement is
>easily the relocation of the DeHaze control, for me the biggest
>improvement is in the converter. While at it, I think that Adobe made
>a fix to the 2013 converter too.
>Several SIGNIFICANT improvements that are instantly making their
>presence known to me:
>1. The dot problem with the Panasonic L1 files has been improved. It's
>not totally fixed and I'm noticing other oddities--like a diagonal
>mesh when the detail/sharpness sliders are cranked to maximum. It's
>kinda like the aliasing you get when you do a double half-tone. But if
>the dots go away, this is a massive win and the L1 has become a prime
>mover for me again. That mesh pattern only appears when everything is
>cranked to maximum. (which is, more often than not, my default
>2. Olympus E-1 files are MUCH sharper at the pixel level. In fact, I'd
>say that everything Olympus (E-1 and E-3) are significantly sharper
>than before without the noise buildup. I think that the entire
>algorithm for dealing with Olympus/Panasonic files has been changed.
>I've not tested with my reference pictures to see if they screwed up
>the highlights, but E-1 files are in another league from where they
>were. Effectively, we've stepped up an entire sensor size from where
>we were before.
>3. The Canon Converter Profile settings are gone away. No more
>selecting it as an option. It's Adobe and only Adobe converters. On
>the positive note, this new version is so much better with 6D files
>that it's almost scary.  It's not perfect, but my nuclear blue shadows
>are still blue, but balanced better with the other colors.
>Other notes:
>The in-camera white-balance setting, which was usually a bit on the
>cold side, is now a bit more neutral. I'm aghast at what "Daylight" is
>doing, though. Not sure what the deal is, but WB is much different
>than before. Daylight is far too cold, but Shade and Cloudy are not
>quite as orange as before.
>The new Adobe Raw Profiles (short-cuts) are actually quite nice. The
>previous iterations were essentially useless. Somebody spent a lot of
>quality time fixing those.
>Due to unrelated issues, I've been rebuilding my catalogs. This
>weekend, I rebuilt all of 2017 after the new update. It's like
>Christmas all over again. I'm also experimenting with smart-previews
>and an alteration of how I do my primary storage. Further work
>required there. I didn't have much time to test, but I did take a look
>at a couple of my problem pictures and was instantly able to get
>farther than before with no effort.
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