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Subject: Re: [OM] Well, that sucks
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 10:00:09 -0700
On 9/11/2019 8:10 AM, Paul Braun wrote:
Sooooo.... the general consensus is that between an E-M1 Mk II, E-M5 MkII,
and a G-95, I'd be happier with the G-95?

I certainly can't make that sort of guarantee. I've never touched two of those.

The G95 will certainly be much more forgiving of underexposure in shadows, and thus also capable of holding highlights, using intentional underexposure, better than the other two.

But what makes for happiness, as opposed to sufficiency? I have always hated the OM-D on/off switches on the left side of the top plate. A design nod to the OM film bodies, I suppose, - but - YUK! I tend to hold body/lens in my left hand and use the right on controls. So, to run it on or off, I have to make an awkward motion with one hand or the other. The 4/3 bodies I've used have the switch on the right, for thumb operation. Panny also puts their switches on the right, in comfortable locations.

Now I'm using Panny GX9 bodies, and I generally am happy with them, particularly for IQ. But I HATE, hate, hate, the EVF that can tilt up. It catches on bags, clothes, straps, everything. If only slightly up, it throws off my hand/eye/subject coordination. If pulled way up, the diopter adjustment is exposed,, and sometimes gets moved. 'Why is everything out of focus??? I guess I'll trust the AF, for this shot."

The Olys allow you to copy all your settings onto a computer file, so, if you screw them up, you can get them back. Panny doesn't. Oly allows Custom sets of settings to be assigned to Fn buttons, Panny doesn't, although there are ways to make them work as well.

Panny has Dual IS, combining IBIS and OIS for better overall IS, with all their OIS lenses. Oly only has the equivalent (and possibly better?) with 2-3 expensive lenses. This works with most Panny zooms and three primes.

So, who knows which would make you happier?

They'll all make wonderful pictures, the G95 somewhat better in absolute detail 
and sharpness and in the dark.

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