Re: [OM] Images on SD card held hostage--wave fxn collapse--now what to

Subject: Re: [OM] Images on SD card held hostage--wave fxn collapse--now what to use?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 14:01:17 -0700
On 6/29/2020 12:47 PM, Pearce, Wilfred via olympus wrote:
Brilliant (a term meaning one who agrees with me)! This has been my practice 
wince I began with digital, with my Sony R1. When I made the move, I wasn't 
late to the party, but not a first adopter, I asked myself this question: How 
many photos are you willing to lose? At that time that possibility was far more 
likely than today. I chose, with a thirty year or so career as a pro, I defined 
this in numbers of rolls of film. I decided that I didn't want to be in a 
position to lose more than  two rolls. So I confined myself to two and four gig 
cards (cue peals of riotous laughter).. That meant that I bought quite a few of 
these cards as they were being closed out. During my days with the M9, the 
larger files menat I needed an eight gig card or two or three, so I sometimes 
find myself hurrying to download,

An interesting strategy. Apparently very conservative. And yet, perhaps weak.

Old cards are slow. This may not affect your work. OTOH, it might, without you being aware of it. When Oly added focus bracketing, I found I liked it a lot, but it seemed flawed. Up to partway through creating a stack, frames would go fast. Then they would slow down. Shooting hand held, which is all I was doing, the last frames would suddenly have more movement.

I blamed it on the buffer being too small. I don't now recall why I tried a faster card. Suddenly, the "buffer" seemed almost endless.

Small cards mean more cards, and changes in the field. The only time I've lost any images on a card was when I lost the card, itself. In a field, out at the end of the road in far NE Bhutan, shooting dancers and so on, at a festival, I ran out of space on a card. I put in a new one and put the full one in a "safe" place. I've never seen it since. I hope it didn't give a yak indigestion. :-)

It was a 64 MB card, but I lost very little. Every night on the road, I put the cards in a reader, transfer them to my portable, then copy to a portable HD, which is kept in a different part of my luggage. I lost the card early in the day.

Because I have a fair number of cards, I may shoot a great many frames on a trip, and come home with three copies of every frame. That way, any random glitch is not a problem. At home, all go onto the image HD, which is regularly backed up to an equal size drive kept away from the computers, in a fire resistant safe.

Until getting ready for the next trip, there are then five copies of each, as I 
go through culling, editing, and so on.

A couple of times, long ago, I did manage to lose track of a few files, 
recovered them from cards or laptop.

but I am appalled to read of these people that are using giant hundreds of gig 
cards for still photos. I am aware of several that own but a single card, and 
will upgrade to a bigger one when possible as they wish all photos on one card

That would work fine with my process, too. I mostly don't because I have LOTS 
of card storage, and can't see the expense.

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