Re: [OM] FEAR of Cleaning - What's the solution?

Subject: Re: [OM] FEAR of Cleaning - What's the solution?
From: "Ian M. Stewart" <ims@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 21:44:25 +0100
 "Giles" said:
> I have read in a news group that the 'best' lens cleaner is a 
> colloidion one called Opticlean.  Does anyone have any experiences
> with this magical stuff?

> Has anyone actually used Opticlean?  I gather it is quite expensive
> but have never seen a figure mentioned.
> Anyone in the UK care to give them a ring and find out where it can be
> obtained and the price?
>  Caliope Ltd.
>  3 Marfleet Close
>  Great Shelford
>  Cambridge CB2 5LA
>  United Kingdom
>  Phone: +41.(1)223.844.375
>  Fax: +41.(1)223.844.414

No reply on the telephone number again, and the fax number is now 
'unobtainable'.  :-(


Ian  <IMS>
                  OM Tyro - please point my lens in the right direction.

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