[OM] Longwinded gear question

Subject: [OM] Longwinded gear question
From: James Kirkus-Lamont <james.kirkus-lamont@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:46:41 +1200
Hi, I'd like to quickly say how pleased I was when I 'stumbled' across this
list a few weeks ago! Finally people I can relate to in great taste in

Now a few questions, sorry for the bombardment but I'm keen to get some info!

-I have a T-20 flash I brought secondhand (with no manual) and I am unsure
of the function of the lower slide switch that can be set at 'manual' or
one of two 'automatic' positions. Some enlightenment would be very

-I'm a graphic design student and find myself taking photos of pretty much
everything and anything. I've slowly built up my kit with secondhand gear
(student=poor!) so at the moment I have an OM-10 (the blacktop with a
dateback) & manual adaptor, a 50mm/1.8 Zuiko, 28mm/3.5 Zuiko, and a Sigma
60-200/4 zoom. I also have a few B&W filters, a cheap tripod, that T20
flash and some supplementary +1,2,4 filters (which are probably terrible
compared to all these lovely macro lenses I'm reading about) and I was
wondering what people would recommend I next look at purchasing from:

        *another body, because I always seem to have fast B&W when I need slow
tranny film and vice versa! Also I think I really more metering options
than my wee OM10 provides.
        *a bigger zoom, something along the lines of a 300?
        *or perhaps a macro to stop me using those terrible suppl. lenses?
        *just get a better tripod, maybe more flexible flash and some new 
and just concentrate on technique and composition work?

Bascially I'm asking what size kits people out there are working with and
how long you guys took to accumulate it all!

\\ //  James Kirkus-Lamont
 \//     Design Studies student @ Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand
 /\\     james.kirkus-lamont@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
// \\    

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