Re: [OM] Re: new OM model

Subject: Re: [OM] Re: new OM model
From: Gary Schloss <schloss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 00:22:02 -0800
Christopher Biggs wrote:

>PCACala@xxxxxxx moved upon the face of the 'Net and spake thusly:
>> I was hanging around in the local shop when a mother and her student
>> daughter came in looking for a manual focus and manual exposure
>> camera.  There sure wasn't much available.  The bad sign was that the
>> OM-2000 wasn't there despite it being an Olympus distributor.
>I saw the same thing in my local (in Brisbane), only the ending was
>better: the store owner sold her an OM-2000.

My experience is more in line with Chris's: whenever a buyer is
presented with a choice of several similarly priced new cameras,
which includes an OM-2000, he/she invariably picks the OM-2000,
or at least gives it a very serious consideration.

IOW, this little OM-2000 is an extremely attractive entry in
this "student camera" category, and it practically sells itself.
IMHO, the problem must be with Olympus/Olympus USA: apparently,
they make little effort to motivate their authorized dealers
to sell more OM-2000's.


/Gary Schloss.
Studio City, CA

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