[OM] OM-2000 impressions

Subject: [OM] OM-2000 impressions
From: Joseph Albert <jalbert@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 05:39:03 -0600 (MDT)
I had a chance to handle an OM-2000 for a while and, while there are
some impressive things about it (very lightweight, all-metal frame and
lens mount, OM mount body with 125 X sync, spotmeter, mechanical shutter),
I don't think it is a camera I could be happy with.

the main problem is that I look through a viewfinder with my left eye.
when the film wind lever is flush with the body, the shutter release
is locked.  when the wind lever is not flush with the body, one can
take a picture and when I did that, I foudn the wind level poking at
the ridge of my nose and/or right eye in a very annoying manner.

That this camera was first manufactured (albeit without spotmeter)
as an FM-10 is probably telling, as Nikon seems to have the attitude
that left-eye dominant folks should have to pay close to $1000 for a usable
camera.  In fact, this is no small reason why I choose to use Olympus
35mm SLR gear instead of Nikon.  I would be quite happy with a pair of
Nikon FG's and a suitable collection of lenses and accessories, but
the FG suffers from the same limitation.

In any case, I found the OM-2000 to be a big disappointment.  but if you
are among the roughly 750f the population who prefer to look through 
a viewfinder with your right eye, then the OM-2000 is probably a very
usable, straightforward camera.

j. albert

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