Re: [OM] OM-2000 impressions AND IMPORTANT FAQ NOTE

Subject: Re: [OM] OM-2000 impressions AND IMPORTANT FAQ NOTE
From: gma <gma@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 18:52:14 -0700
Gary Schloss wrote:
> Denton Taylor wrote:
> >Gotta love these kids... What's the expression, If you're not a liberal
> >when you're young you don't have a heart, and if you're not conservative
> >when you're old you don't have a brain?
> Oh, I get it.  We have a (relatively!) liberal leader, and he's horny


> all the time.  Logical conclusion: he must be... YOUNG!!!
> Revelation #2: Viagra must be a secret weapon invented by the liberals
> to convert/recruit good old conservatives, thereby luring them into the
> clutches of sex, drugs, and rock'n roll.

Sorry, conservatives will stick to: memories of sex, prescription drugs,
and rock'n chairs!

> Sooooo, has anyone seen Bob Dole at Woodstock this year?  Denton, you're
> close enough to find out :-)
> Forever young (at heart :-)), and clearly without a brain,

Don't be so hard on yourself, Gary.  It's only the RIGHT side of your
brain which remains undeveloped!!

> /Gary Schloss.
> Studio City, CA
> schloss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



george  :>)

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