RE: [OM] Life is good with an OM4T

Subject: RE: [OM] Life is good with an OM4T
From: "Chip Stratton" <cstrat@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 08:09:09 -0500
How about spot metering the neutral area, and comparing it to the reading of
the same scene in normal mode. Then you have a 'delta' between the two
modes. Adjust the exposure compensation dial so that the meter reading in
averaging mode is the same as what you got in spot mode, and pull the
trigger. Now the OM4 should be making a dynamic OTF reading, and you should
get your 'perfect' exposure. A little more cumbersome, but not much!

Chip Stratton

> I got several replies concerning my experience using an Om4T in slot
> canyons, i.e. the need for long metered time exposures in changing light
> conditions.  One writer astutely corrected me.  I have used the Om4T spot
> meter to take a reading on a neutral area of the scene and used
> this to make
> the exposure.  I had assumed that the OTF meter system would adjust the
> exposure within the spot area if necessary as light conditions
> changed, but
> this is not the case.  Once the spot meter is used, it creates an exposure
> lock.  Fortunately in the situation of slot canyons, the change in light
> conditions usually involves the appearance or disappearance of a
> light beam
> and does not change the overall exposure of the neutral areas.

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