[OM] Leica jewelry

Subject: [OM] Leica jewelry
From: Denton Taylor <denton@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 22:12:31 -0400
Oooh, that was nasty... Oooh, that was perfect!

>[Regarding Leicas]
>> Yep, and Rolex watches are over-represented on top lawyers and doctors
>> today even though a cheap Timex is in many ways superior. The choice often
>> has little to do with better pictures or time keeping.
> Yeah, a Big Mac is food just like a Chateaubriand;
>       a Mercedes E55 is transportation same as a Kia; 
>       a BigK Emerson stereo barfs out sound just like a Macintosh;
>       vacationing in Buffalo is the same as in Paris;
>       silk feels just like polyester;
>       MD20/20 gets one inebriated like Chateau Lafitte;
>       Payless covers one's feet as do Ferragamos;
>       a tin shack would be just as good as where you live now.
>       You don't get what you pay for in this world. Everyone
>      that buys an OM-4ti is a fool, when an OM-10 will do.
>                [I'll find some to trade you]
>        Riiiiiiiight. You think guys like Sebatiao Salgado, David Allan
>       Harvey, Bill Allard, etc. are just pretentious fools  who are
>       showing off their Leitz Jewelry ? Nice fantasy. Dream on...

Denton Taylor

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