Re: [OM] Photo Techniques. was: Great Galloping Zweekos

Subject: Re: [OM] Photo Techniques. was: Great Galloping Zweekos
From: "George M. Anderson" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 17:14:28 -0700

Giles wrote:
> I had this dilemma with the 180.  I ended up putting it in my carry-on but I 
> got
> snagged by security because my carry-on was over the 5kg limit

HUH?! 5 kg limit?  Isn't that about 11 pounds?  NO WAY I'm even close to
that.  Holy baggage, Batman, I better check with Hawaiin Airlines for
their rules.


 - surprise - so I had
> to do some quick weight re-distribution among carry on bags before they would 
> let me
> board -  I think it was still 8kg.  I still kept the 180 in the carry on, 
> just the
> baby's change bag suddenly got a lot heavier.
> I still had to check in the rest of my gear so I put the pelican inside my 
> check-in
> suitcase as you had thought.  I think it may pay not to have the latest 
> Samsonite
> when doing this.

Yes, this is what I was considering.

> I do not keep the 180 in its aluminium case anymore, very nice though that 
> is.  I
> made room for it in my Pelican case so all my gear is together, but mainly 
> because
> of the fear of fungus.  The Pelican is air-tight, the aluminium case is not.
> My brother used to do a lot of travelling through Heathrow.  He told me the 
> word was
> that the baggage handlers were virtually an organised ring and that a lot of
> expensive gear goes missing from peoples luggage.  This is one thing the 
> authorities
> really should come down on hard.  There are enough problems in travelling to 
> worry
> about without adding this one.
> Giles

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