Re: [OM] Diopters, Glasses, etc.

Subject: Re: [OM] Diopters, Glasses, etc.
From: Andrew Fildes <afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 09:35:04 +1100
>       Personally, I've heard lots of good things about the surgery, but I'm
>staying away from it until someone can convince me there are no unknown
>longterm ill effects.   Now when they come out with AFFORDABLE bifocal
>contacts that can also deal with the astigmatism in my right
>Daryl Hurley
>Topeka, KS

I had the surgery this time last year, Daryl. (Lasik - they cut and lift a
flap and laser sculpt under it to reduce post-operative discomfort and
scarring). Not for cosmetic reasons :-) but because my eyesight made me
feel handicapped, especially as I couldn't adapt to multifocals well. At
one point, I broke my glasses at work and had to get my wife to fetch me as
I couldn't drive.
The following personal observations are not in the promotional literature -
a) Your eyes are really weak for six months - i.e. 15mins max on a computer
before tearing up. I was beginning to worry but they're fine now.
b) My end result is -0.25 left, -0.5 right. The surgeon thinks this an
excellent (20/20) result. He is obviously not a photographer!
c) I'm functional without glasses for the first time since I was 5 years
old (I was -5+ both sides and anstigmatic). This is immensely liberating.
But the result is not as good as I was used to - 'best corrected vision'
with spectacles.
d) I'm over fifty, so I now have bloody reading glasses everywhere. They
are a real nuisance, although they give you an air of authority. But then,
I hated multifocals too.
e) Viewfinder information is clearly visible (OM2sp) but reading LCD panels
on my EOS is hopeless - putting on reading glasses to read settings is a
pest. A good argument for a manual camera with aging eyes. Wanna buy a
f) Pick a surgeon on price and reputation; they all use more or less the
same equipment. Mine was cheap but better than many. One expensive, high
profile clinic here has a poor track record.

Overall impressions - much better if you are younger and won't need reading
glasses for a few years. Probably not a good idea if very acute eyesight is
VERY important to you - and a few months with often blurry vision is a
problem. Overall I'm happy but with a few regrets. Nothing's perfect.

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