[OM] Courage

Subject: [OM] Courage
From: "Reynolds Paul \(NAP\)" <PReynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 12:40:56 +0100
Sam wrote:

After some long and hard thinking I've decided not to broach the subject of
taking any pictures of her. I have negligible studio equipment and extremely
little studio/portraiture experience.. With someone used to working with top
fashion photographers who are several magnitudes of magnitude better at this
sort of thing than me it would an embarrassing experience for both Eve and

Might ask her though for some tips on what the photographers approaches are.

A few weeks ago we hired a model at our camera club, something that we do
fairly regularly. Not a top fashion model, you understand, but a girl (older
than 16 but younger than 30) who is quite experienced at modelling for
camera club anoraks.

It was the first time that I had actually been involved in that sort of
studio portrait type photography (not glamour stuff - yuk - all done in the
best possible taste) and was a bit apprehensive, as Sam seems to be now. As
it turned out things went pretty well. 

FTW, my suggestion would be that if she, as I seem to remember, has already
expressed a willingness to be photographed (it seems a long time ago since
the original posting) then go for it. The fact that she is experienced will
help your photography and confidence, if my own experience is anything to go
by, and I ain't the best person in the world at dealing with people.

One thing I would suggest though, particularly at that age, (hers, not
Sam's) is that she takes a "chaperone", ie.friend, parent or whatever to
avoid any "misunderstanding". 

To me it seems too good an opportunity to miss.

Paul Reynolds (trying gamely to get this thread back on track)

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