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Subject: Re: [OM] E1 sensor
From: "C.H.Ling" <chling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 23:09:53 +0800
I think it is a simple turth that one need good quality pixel, just like we
are talking about good lens, a lens only with good resolution may not be a
good lens. As seen from dpreview, the Foveon 3MP has resolution very close
to other 6MP SLR DCs, so a 15MP Foveon could be equal to 10MP, it is of
course very good and I will be very happy too.

I don't think people are happy with 6MP and this is not the threshold. The
threshold is the price, if the price of 12MP DC dropped to $1500, I will go
for a 12MP. It is the price limiting the people to get higher pixel count DC
not how many MP. Of course the technology is limiting a low cost 12MP DC at
this moment but I don't think 3 years later I'm still using my 6MP DC.


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From: "W Shumaker" <om4t@xxxxxxxx>

> I think Moose has a good point, as technique limits a lot. Assuming
> good technique, then there is no threshold to reach, but my guess is
> people who need the resolution always go for bigger cameras. And since
> there are fewer users of big cameras, most photography can be done at
> 12mp and below, or even 6mp. What most people want, or at least I want,
> is good quality pixels, meaning low noise, good dynamic range, and good
> low light performance, which become increasingly more important than
> megapixels.
> Also, todays 'megapixels' are the total of the R, G, plus B sensors. If
> a Foveon style sensor can be made with 5mp per R+G+B (and of course
> advertised as a 15mp) with low noise and good dynamic range, I would be
> a happy camper. More so than more megapixels but no improvement in
> quality.
> Once you get above a certain mp count, you get decreasing returns for
> increased file size. Maybe it is only my perception, but camera
> megapixel count seemed to be going up steadily until recently. Now many
> new cameras are now being introduced that seem to stay at the same
> 5-6mp range. I suspect that a large amount of the photography market is
> captured at that threshold.
> Wayne

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