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Subject: Re: [OM] Re: OT now Coke was: Need good eBay search string
From: Jim Couch <jamesbcouch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 23:01:16 -0800


The point being, that sucrose tastes different than fructose, hence peoples complaint.

As for use in sports drinks, I am not saying it should not be used, but it does cause stomach distress to many individuals, especially in high concentrations and many modern sports drinks are moving away from the use of both fructose and galactose.

It also depends on what you want to accomplish with your sports drink. Current research indicates that, for hydration purposes, you want a minimum of sugars of any type and some newer sports drinks are designed with this in mind. For energy drinks, you of course need carbohydrates in some form, but many are moving to the use of high glycemic sugars such as sucrose, maltodextrin and glucose instead of the low glycemic sugars such as fructose.

There are numerous studies linking fructose to stomach distress and IBS, as well as elevated triglyceride levels (which can cause heart disease)

I am not a chemist or doctor by any means, but I have studied much of the literature regarding sports drinks and do know what I am talking about. You see in addition to selling bicycles I ride competitively coach competitive cyclists. I have run into this problem (GI distress) numerous times with my teamates and cyclist that I have coached.

You might want to check out your facts before accusing some one of being "REALLY out of control" or not knowing what they are doing. And if you do so it would be worth much more with a little civility and politeness.

Jim Couch

whunter wrote:

I enjoy both of you guys, but this is out of control. ......REALLY out of control. "real sugar" Pray define this term for me and in so doing explain why 'fructose, a 5-carbon monosaccharide which is handled with extreme efficiency by the Pentose Shunt rather than by the EM Pathway does not qualify as 'sugar'. You trying to tell me this should not be included in the 'athletic' drinks?? Go back to doing what you are REALLY good at........ Or.... is what you are really ragging about, the removal of cocaine from the original recipe??
L & K,

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