Re: [OM] Need new camera? G3 or ?

Subject: Re: [OM] Need new camera? G3 or ?
From: WayneS <olympus@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2011 22:07:58 -0500
I have an up coming vacation around Thanksgiving holidays to Puerto Rico
and was hoping to put something together. Originally, as my wife will attest,
was to just get a simple camera for travel, but once I started looking, all
hope was lost. I remember the last time I traveled, how cumbersome
the 5D + just 2 lenses was.

So, my first choice at the moment is to get a Lumix DMC-TS3, since I can
go snorkeling with it, and when not doing that, the teenager can use it without
fear of spilling sh*t on it.

Then I looked at the X10, then the G3, then the NEX-x, then the E-P3 and
then at lenses... I'm hopeless. A January ship date is not going to make it
to Puerto Rico. Did I understand you correctly? no NEX-7 until January?

I looked as some adapters for Canyon, macro seems the only worthy
contender for use of an adapter. But that would not be a travel thing, so
I might as well just keep it on the 5D. Andrew was probably right.
Maybe if it was some small special glass, it would be worth the trouble.

I gave up most everything OM, except the Photorunner camera bag. It
would really be cool to fit a system back into a small camera bag.


At 11/6/2011 09:04 PM, you wrote:

>FWIW the Sony reps at the annual Hunt photo show said one can pre-order 
>with planned ship in January.
>Oh, and she said the kit lens comes in black. Imaging-resource had a 
>prototype and the images have been up for awhile.
>The sensor is the same as the A77.
>Still it will be borderline beltable, IMO. They make for a nice quality 
>small easily transportable kit but
>not sure it is right for a Canon G-X substitute or equivalent. Perhaps 
>a MFT will be.
>I too can see using some Canyon lenses or Canyon mount lenses on it. If 
>one already had a 70-200 F4 or 2.8IS, 135mm/F2, any of the macro lenses 
>(as mentioned)
>or Zeiss 21/2.8 ZE etc.. Bo Ming's adapter seems the only one to retain 
>auto-aperture, AFAIK. He is working on the AF/IS. He said
>he has done some work on MFT, but that will await his NEX efforts. This 
>type of adapter seems to have an obvious market, not sure why there is 
>such slow progress. I saw an expensive Canyon-MFT adapter that allows 
>changing the aperture but it didn't look like it was auto -aperture.
>Oh, at the show as well: wicked cool Wacom LCD display 92% aRGB, and 
>you use ther special pen gizmo directly on it. Seems even at first 
>glance to be the right tool for the job. Price, well not so good $2500 
>or so--not available yet though they have one lesser beasty out now.
>Perhaps shouldn't go to those shows, Mike
>Still lookin', Mike
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