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Subject: Re: Off list - Re: [OM] C-U Lens follies
From: usher99@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 10 May 2016 19:43:17 -0400
Yes, too long between visits.  I wish we had another Spring  trip to CA.  That 
was an especially fun trip.  I am still processing some of the images from you 
visit last Fall so I get to  relive some of our jaunts.
 Marnie is working on some trips later this summer--don't know if that will 
materialize but might be on the other coast.  My cousin David  lives near 
Seattle and he is supposed to take us on  a hike in the Cascades.  I  really 
want to find where that dog Gus hangs out with those tremendous vistas.  My 
cousin is the only one I know who has hiked the Annapurna trail (in winter) and 
just got a lead article in Science.


(Not bragging by proxy, just like the cover--"sequencing going ape")

I am forwarding this to the CVO (Marnie) to see what can be done. You and Carol 
are always welcome of course--"Hi" to Carol from us.

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Subject: Off list - Re: [OM] C-U Lens follies

On 5/9/2016 3:58 PM, Mike Gordon via      olympus wrote:
I would bet they are single element diopters though the lower power ones as 
Chuck mentioned can perform OK. 
    Yup, a +1/+2/+4 set from ages ago sure sounds like the common single    
element lens sets. Perhaps that in part explains the many seriously    soft 
flower images he's posted over the years. :-)
    He and Rick post the blurriest images. Rick is old and has    admittedly 
quite poor vision, so he gets a pass. Not so sure about    Chris. He pretends 
to good vision, but there are contra-indications,    such as his comment about 
Brian's rose today.
    PS: Carol and I were just commenting on how we miss you guys. We had    
just had a good visits from a Maine friend, then one of her sisters    and 
hubby, which reminded us of others we enjoy spending time with,    but who live 
far away*. It's a long time 'til Fall.
    * Or perhaps we live far from you? Ask Albert.

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