Re: [OM] Six Months

Subject: Re: [OM] Six Months
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2018 12:25:55 -0900
>> For the Canon 6D, the most used lenses has been… and 300/4.5 lens
> How is the 300 working for you? Is the 6D an APC crop, or full-frame?

Full-frame. Simply outstanding!

> I’ve heard a few disparaging things about this lens for micro-4/3rds work, so 
> I don’t believe I’ve even had it on the camera. But I’d like an encouraging 
> reason to try it.

I've mentioned before how some lenses do better with some cameras than
others. The 300/4.5, which is moderately ho-hum on 4/3 and has CA
issues, is mind-boggling good on the Canon 6D. And it isn't just crop
ratio either, because I'm frequently doing massive cropping on the 6D
images too. When you can keep vibration under control and get the
focusing dead-on, the images are literally "pixel-sharp",
edge-to-edge. The 28/2, which is pretty much worthless on 4/3 because
of central hot-spotting, is nearly perfect on the 6D. But the 24/2.8,
which is nearly perfect on 4/3 is decent, but not spectacular on the
6D. The ATX 100-300, which is really good on 4/3 (especially the
DMC-L1), is severally lacking on the 6D.

> I *have* used the 600/6.5, and found that, with “silent shutter,” it works 
> MUCH better on the OM-D E-M1.2 than it ever worked on the E-3. I tried 
> sandbags, I tried two tripods, I tried self-timer, I tried two tripods WITH 
> sandbags WITH self-timer; every shot I ever took on the E-3 had profound 
> evidence of vertical motion-blur. So I guess I’ve been reticent to playing 
> with the 300/4.5.

The 600/6.5 is a strange beast because I don't think it is physically
possible to use it without getting motion-blur. The 300/4.5 seems
vibration-prone on the E-3 and DMC-L1, but pretty good on the E-1. On
the 6D, I really don't have any issues with vibration other than with
my own ability to hold it steady. I do use the "silent" mode on the 6D
which really is a game-changer for shutter-shock. It slows down the
response a lot, though. It's like using an OM-2S in that regard. It's
always a step behind. But the images are sharper.

AG Schnozz
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