Re: [OM] OT PC backup programs

Subject: Re: [OM] OT PC backup programs
From: SwissPace <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 20:47:10 +0200


you can get sata to ide adapters although I don't think it would be 
worth it, if the laptop is ide and not sata then I doubt you will see 
the enormous benefit and it is huge of using an SSD,

Now I did mention the hybrid drive before which is a hard disk with a 
32GB SSD  drive built in, apple have bought these to the fore again with 
their version but took it one stage further and also messed up by making 
them proprietary, BTW thunderbolt is far superior to anything before it 
but (usb FW or esata) who knows when it will make mainstream. You could 
possibly use one of these with an adapter space permitting and it would 
be a good investment should you replace your computer as you could move it.

as others have said I wouldn't use a cf card, I don't think you will see 
much benefit.

You could try getting hold of a usb 3.0 card and then try using a usb 
stick but again I don't recommend it, I have a nas4free box that boots 
of an old usb stick but my advice is to spend the money on a newer 
laptop or computer.


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