[OM] Re: Manrfotto 410 question

Subject: [OM] Re: Manrfotto 410 question
From: "Joel Wilcox" <jfwilcox@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 10:12:32 -0600
On 3/5/06, Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >OK, at bit later than promised, but here are some pix of my 410 head
> >with the standard plate mount replaced by a RRS clamp:
> >
> >
> And here, better late than never(?), a Cullmann QR adapter mounted
> non-destructively on a 410 QR plate on a 410 head
> <http://www.moosemystic.net/Gallery/tech/410cullman.htm>. Fortuitously,
> the adapter hangs over one side a bit, so it clamps down on a solid part
> of the 410 plate, thus obviating the problem with slithery cork on this
> older plate. Solid as a rock.
> As Walt pointed out, the Cullmann plates are small and don't usually
> interfere at all with use of the camera off the tirpod. They are
> certainly less imposing/impressive than the AS style metal plates, but
> work very well. I don't have MF or larger gear, but have used them with
> monster lenses like the Tokina 150-500/5.6 without any problem. Although
> the plates generally grab the camera reeally well, they also make QR
> plates with anti rotation that work well for verticals.
> Moose

So is the purpose of the modification to use smaller QR plates mainly
to standardize on one set of plates, or to avoid getting into yet
another style of Bogen plates, or because these Bogen plates are
especially problematic in shifting between plates attached to cameras,
MDs, and tripod mounts?  All the above?

If I am successfully living with the hex QR plates (the enormous ones)
that work in a 3047 head, am I likely to be anxious to pursue the
Cullman or AS mod?  I don't think so, right?

I recently purchased the 3047 head (I actually like tilt-pan heads)
more or less exclusively to deal with the thin footprint of the DZ
50-200 tripod mount.  The big plates help.  Nevertheless, I still move
the lens noticably when I try to squeeze off shots, especially when
the 1.4 TC is involved.  The best methodology in this case is to use a
remote, or better yet, remote plus MLU on the E-1.

If I thought the 410 with native plates were going to improve things,
especially for hands-on-camera shots, I might be quite interested in
it.  But I certainly wouldn't go there with the notion of having to
modify it to take a different set of plates.

I don't mean these questions to sound critical of the discussion.  I
hope they don't come across that way.  I've just sort of lost the
sense in the thread about why the 410 is liked while its QR plates
pose problems.

Joel W.
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