[OM] Re: Manrfotto 410 question

Subject: [OM] Re: Manrfotto 410 question
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 17:36:29 -0800
Joel Wilcox wrote:

>So is the purpose of the modification 
In this case, there is no modification, simply a QR adapter for another 
type of plate mounted on the 10 QR plate. You can do the same thing with 
other QR systems. Take off the 410 plate and unscrew the tripod thread 
and everything is back to original.

>to use smaller QR plates mainly 
>to standardize on one set of plates, or to avoid getting into yet
>another style of Bogen plates, or because these Bogen plates are
>especially problematic in shifting between plates attached to cameras,
>MDs, and tripod mounts?  All the above?
The plates for the 410 are actually pretty cheap. Thee problem is that 
they are large and awkward on 35mm size equipment off the tripod. I 
don't have any trouble with their mount/dismount action. But they are 
always in the way if left on to do off tripod shooting. Walt just did 
his paean to the Cullmann QR plate system, so I'll only second it.

>If I am successfully living with the hex QR plates (the enormous ones)
>that work in a 3047 head, am I likely to be anxious to pursue the
>Cullman or AS mod?  I don't think so, right?
I have a 3047 and a couple of those big hex plates. They are, if 
anything, a little more troublesome off tripod than the plates for the 
410. Truth is, the 3047 isn't mounted on a tripod, and hasn't been for a 
few months. I Really like the 410.

>I recently purchased the 3047 head (I actually like tilt-pan heads)
>more or less exclusively to deal with the thin footprint of the DZ
>50-200 tripod mount.  The big plates help.  Nevertheless, I still move
>the lens noticably when I try to squeeze off shots, especially when
>the 1.4 TC is involved.  The best methodology in this case is to use a
>remote, or better yet, remote plus MLU on the E-1.
This seems backwards to me. If you have a small tripod mount footprint, 
wouldn't you want a plate that is designed to work well in a small size? 
Is your problem flex of rotation? The big surface Manfrotto plates, hex 
and for the 410, especially those with cork surfaces, have too much give 
and/or will actually rotate against the metal. The Cullmann plates 
really grip solidly and they make ones with an anti-rotation add-on 
which work well 

>If I thought the 410 with native plates were going to improve things,
>especially for hands-on-camera shots, I might be quite interested in
>it.  But I certainly wouldn't go there with the notion of having to
>modify it to take a different set of plates.
Again, no modification.

>I don't mean these questions to sound critical of the discussion.  I
>hope they don't come across that way.  I've just sort of lost the
>sense in the thread about why the 410 is liked while its QR plates
>pose problems.
'Cause the gear drive action is just the best thing around for macro and 
tele. Hard to understand until you use it. After years of fighting with 
flex, drag, creep, whatever it is on different heads that requires great 
care and trouble to get framing right, just dialing it in with ease is 


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