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Subject: [OM] Re: OT Eyeglasses
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 09:35:15 -0700
That is indeed a problem. A number of years ago Consumer Reports  
filled  several eyeglass prescriptions at a dozen or so vendors and  
less than half of them provided correctly ground lenses. I go to a  
local college of optometry which has a clinic. It is tedious to go  
through, but you are examined by the close to graduation student and  
then again by his professor who grades his work but I have been  
pleased with the result. They are very open to the patient's input.  
They also sell the frames which makes money for the school. Something  
like that might work for you if you can find a school with a clinic  

Some people just cannot adjust to progressive lenses and others love  
them. I am not fond of them myself. I would rather have a couple of  
areas, easily found, where things are predictably sharp than the  
progressive blur of the other kind. My ego would prefer not to have  
the dividing line though.

Long Beach, California, USA

On / April 26, 2008 CE, at 9:16 AM, Doug wrote:

>       I need some advice. After 12 years with the same pair of glasses  
> I've had to
> replace them. It's not that the distance prescription is very far  
> off, it's
> that the lenses and frames are so beat up that they're no longer  
> useable.
> Additionally I'm 47 and need different glasses for close up work.
> The question I have is how did you find a good optometrist and  
> optician. I
> went to a chain (America's Best) with the idea that they'd be  
> inexpensive
> enough that I could do some experimenting. I didn't expect miracles. I
> expected to have some assemble line feel to it and that the frames  
> would not
> be the top of the line and so forth. The experience turned out to be  
> just
> awful. I liken them a vendor that has a very limiting knowledge of
> photography and a line of fairly good looking but so-so performing PS
> cameras calling themselves a camera store. The masses who have  
> limited taste
> and demands would be happy.
> The problem  is that I need a fairly strong prescription both in  
> spherical and
> cylinder and I'm very sensitive to distortion. I'm sensitive enough  
> that it's
> one of the things for in the windshield that I check. In fact it's  
> one of
> only two must haves in a vehicle. The windshield must be low enough in
> distortion and the seats must be comfortable, all else is negotiable  
> in the
> price.
> America's Best put me in a pair of progressive bifocals which were  
> the worst
> things I've ever delt with. I didn't think I was going to live long  
> enough to
> adjust with them.
> While I'm price sensitive I'm willing to pay for quality work as  
> long as it is
> quality work and It's doesn't cross over into becoming a sucker.  
> Thanks in
> advance. -Doug
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