[OM] Re: OM2 Spot/Program shutter etc problem

Subject: [OM] Re: OM2 Spot/Program shutter etc problem
From: David Carter <spotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 20:17:47 +1300
I've got another OM2 Spot/Program, with a better light meter, albeit still
2/3 stops over what it should be. The shutter on it is deader ( &it's not
pristine ), hence it's value as a parts machine. FWIW both meters respond
very well to light changes.


PhotoSphere Olympus Camera Service wrote: The wind shouldn't be a problem --
grease gets into the levers by the battery compartment, allowing the wind
gears to "cross" and jam. The meter display is the headache. Many 2s's
develop "head amp failure", where the meter display ceases to respond to
variations in light intensity. If this is the problem, it's a lost cause.
Last weekend I managed to find an immaculate OM2 Spot/Program. With a dud
shutter. It is totally stuck, even the mechanical speeds are frozen. And the
winder is also frozen, yet the film reels moves, both ways. Since then I've
discovered that the meter needs attention. On Auto or Program it
consistentlyshows about 2/3 stops overexposure. It gets worse, on
Manual/Spotthe meter vanishes, between the + &- signs! Do these faults seem
like fixable with a CLA, or are they more serious?
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