RE: [OM] OM4Ti - Memory Function

Subject: RE: [OM] OM4Ti - Memory Function
From: Richard Ross <rhdesign@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 15:51:50 +0100
Tobias wrote:

>I think I'm right, because the light metering in the OM4Ti works of how much 
>light hits the film. The only way to get that value is to get the reflection 
>from the film.
>BUT THE SPOT METERING then? A contradiction, it seems. IT works as I want it 
>to. Is there a different light metering when the SPOT is pressed? Not OTF??
>SOMEBODY!! Please give us an intelligent and light spreading mail!

I'll have a go ... :-)  You're correct inasmuch as the memo function stores
the exposure *when the exposure is made* - so in normal auto you get
whatever exposure is used when you press the button. That exposure value is
used for all subsequent exposures until the memo is cleared.  The action of
pressing "memo" does not store anything, it merely tells the camera to
store the exposure value used when you next press the shutter button.
You're not wasting a frame BTW, the correct exposure will be used.

In spot mode, an exposure is stored when you press the spot button once,
and modified when you press the spot button again until you either make the
exposure or press clear.  If you use the memo function together with
multi-spot metering, the exposure used when you press the shutter release
will be stored, as before.

If as I understand it you want the equivalent of a conventional AE lock,
you're in trouble because there is no direct equivalent.  Either switch to
manual if you want to use centre-weighted metering, or in auto use the spot
button to lock the auto exposure.

The spot metering mode is *not* OTF although it uses the same light sensor
as the OTF metering - in conjunction with the extra mirror.  The exposure
is calculated when you press the spot button.

The above is based on the way I believe my OM-4 is working, not on any
insider knowledge, but it works for me :-)  I don't find the lack of a
conventional AE lock a problem - I simply use the spot button if I want to
override the centre-weighted meter reading.

Hope this helps



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